Hi, I’m Rawlson King and I’m running for re-election as your Councillor for Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward.

Over the last three years, I'm proud of how much we have achieved together. We secured a poverty reduction strategy, a food security policy, and established an anti-racism strategy for the entire City. In the Ward, we secured new affordable housing and a community benefits agreement that will safeguard residents. Throughout the pandemic we’ve secured more social supports for seniors and residents needing extra help.

But there’s so much more to do!

Ottawa is at a crossroads. Our City is growing and how and where it grows are crucial decisions for the next Council. In a post-COVID world, we need to be thoughtful about providing adequate green space and balancing that with building more housing. We need to continue to protect our built heritage. We will also need to secure significant investments to enhance pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, provide better-quality transit service, upgrade and replace park infrastructure, improve snow removal, and resurface our aging roads and pathways.

I’m asking for your support to send me back to City Hall so that I can continue to represent our collective interests to make both Rideau-Rockcliffe Ward and the whole City the best place to live for ourselves and the next generation.


Investing in Parks

Rawlson King worked hard to secure nearly $9 million for investments in Rideau-Rockcliffe parks and greenspace over the past three years to improve quality of life.

Investing in Housing

Over the past term, Rawlson King obtained over $38 million in the City budget for housing and secured over 350 units of new affordable housing in Ward 13.