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    Petition: Fare Freeze Now!

    In the most recent budget, the Mayor and Ottawa City Council are slated to raise transit fares yet again for our City. People are already squeezed for cash and we pay some of the highest transit fares in North America here in Ottawa. This is unacceptable. This is why our campaign is calling on the Mayor and City Council to implement a fare freeze and to look towards reducing fares over time so that we can finally give low-income people and other transit riders a break. 

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    WHEREAS the Mayor and City Council are slated to raise fares once again in the upcoming City Budget for 2019-2020;

    WHEREAS in Ottawa, we pay one of the highest cash fares in North America; 

    WHEREAS transit riders and especially low-income transit riders are already squeezed enough financially;

    We call on the Mayor and current City Council:

    -To implement a fare freeze to decrease the financial burden on transit riders

    -To look towards a reduction in transit fares for future budgets


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