Belfast Road Bridge Reopens

Belfast Road between Coventry Road and Trainyards Drive re-opened to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians on December 18, 2015. I told Ottawa Community News that residents in Overbrook are “very pleased because it basically reopens an important link to the Trainyards shopping district. ​Read the article.

“We’ve had to put up with a lot of pain … with the bridge being shut down because everybody would have to detour.”

Closed in May 2014 to facilitate construction of the O-Train Confederation Line Belfast Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility, residents living to the north of the Belfast Road overpass over Highway 417, which links to Coventry Road in Overbrook, were forced to drive the long way around, heading south on the Vanier Parkway and cutting across via Industrial Avenue. 

“Basically, it adds a lot of time to the trip, and it also put a lot of pressure on businesses in the Trainyards because it wasn’t as easy to access."

“A lot of people stopped going and as a result some businesses did suffer.”

The reopening will therefore have  a positive impact on local traffic and marks the total completion of work on the bridge.  
The bridge has dedicated cyclist infrastructure which also links to the new cycling lanes on Coventry Road.

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