Construction work on Vanier Parkway

Beginning September 21, Karson Asphalt Paving Inc., on behalf of 145 Presland Road Inc., will be undertaking construction work in Overbrook. 

This work is being conducted to provide a site access driveway off of the Vanier Parkway to a proposed high-rise residential building located to the east of the Vanier Parkway and north of Presland Road. Turn lanes into the driveway, as well as pedestrian and cyclist facility improvements will also be constructed. Due to high traffic volumes along the Vanier Parkway during the daytime hours, the contractor will be required to undertake the roadway modifications work in the evening hours to ensure traffic is not impacted along the Vanier Parkway.

Work will involve modifications to the existing asphalt and curb, modifications to the existing median, the construction of a new crossride facility across the Vanier Parkway, the construction of new turn lanes and a new site driveway.

War 13 Councillor Tobi Nussbaum met with a group of City managers on September 25 to discuss and emphasize the importance of reducing the length of time the contractor will be working on site at night, as well as ensuring the loudest work does not occur late at night, when neighbours are trying to sleep. City staff were instructed by his office to sit down with the contractor and determine a construction schedule that minimizes the impact of the work at night. 

This work is tentatively planned to begin the week of September 21, 2015. Completion is anticipated by end of October 2015, weather dependent.

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