Holistic crime prevention in Overbrook

The Overbrook community has worked hard over the past three years to collaboratively and holistically implement multiple pillars of crime prevention with multiple partners, including: a post-incident neighbourhood support protocol, a youth strategy and a community hub.

As President of the Overbrook Community Association, I worked hard to ensure that we introduced a post-incident neighbourhood support protocol to provide a rapid response to serious crime. Under the protocol, different City agencies and community associations collaborate on a collective response immediately after an incident has occurred. The coordinated response often results security patrols, along with the canvassing of nearby residents and businesses by police and social agencies to obtain resident feedback and input, to increase safety awareness and crime prevention. The support protocol pilot that we tested in Overbrook eventually became the model for the entire city.

​The Association also contributed to the development of neighbourhood youth strategy. The strategy, developed after two years of consultations, is designed to give young people in the neighbourhood greater access to job and training opportunities, as well as safe recreational activities. Working in conjunction partners including the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB), Conseil des écoles publiques de l'Est de l'Ontario, Ottawa Community Housing and the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa, the community will implement new programming for at-youth risk.

​Our community also continues to advocate for the creation of a new community hub that offers co-located, coordinated and integrated services such as health care and social services. A community hub would allow a number of agencies to such services, as well as contribute to economic development opportunities.

​Working with multiple partners, our community has achieved a great measure of success.

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