McArthur repair shop gets green light against City staff, Association recommendation

The Overbrook Community Association reluctantly opposed the application for the construction of a car repair facility on McArthur Avenue because of the road's designation as a traditional main street.  Read the article.

It was a challenge for the Association to oppose the application, since we consider Bel-Air Lexus-Toyota a good corporate neighbour who actually wants to work with us.

Ultimately I told the Ottawa Community News that the Association had to agree with staff’s recommendation to uphold the Official Plan, since it seems to happen so rarely.

“We really feel conflicted,” King said in the article. “This is when long-term planning confronts economic development. Do you really want to stop a project that makes jobs, that makes sense? I’m personally not surprised that they would have approved the rezoning. In the interest of economic development they would want to move forward with this type of zoning.”

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