Overbrook calls post-incident protocol a success

The Overbrook Community Association is pleased to have assisted in the development of a post-incident neighbourhood support protocol for Ottawa. The protocol helps establish clear procedures concerning how community resources can be deployed to help people affected by crime.  Read the CBC News article.

The protocol is currently being piloted in the Overbrook neighbourhood, through Crime Prevention Ottawa, in partnership, with the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre, and will serve as a model for the rest of the city.

Rawlson King, President of the Overbrook Community Association, told CBC News that it is excellent plan that was long overdue.

"The city never really had a mechanism where everybody in the community and all the different agencies that would be responding to an incident would be able to talk with one another. This is very important, especially for neighbours because neighbours want to know what's going on in their own community."

Under the protocol, different City agencies and community associations collaborate on a collective response immediately after an incident has occurred.  I told 1310 News that keeping community members informed in a timely fashion and also providing them with health care support after traumatic incidents is absolutely vital.

The Association is very pleased to deem the pilot of the post-incident neighbourhood support protocol a success. Crime Prevention Ottawa intends to launch the protocol for community organization city-wide in early April.  Other community organizations will be able to use the protocol as a template for their own customized responses to violent incidents.

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