Overbrook seeks mature neighbourhood designation

I recently told the Ottawa Community News that residents in Overbrook are seeking "mature neighbourhood" designation for the community.  Read the article.

The mature neighbourhood label would make development in Overbrook subject to a new infill bylaw that was passed by city council in March and addresses low-rise residential development. The bylaw only applies to a specific central area of the city, made up of older neighbourhoods such as Sandy Hill and Lowertown.

Under the bylaw, Infill I, developers must look at 21 surrounding properties in a streetscape character analysis to determine the area’s defining features in the planning stage. These include aspects such as parking, landscaping and the location of front doors.

I said in the article that
 including Overbook in the map of mature neighbourhoods will help to preserve Overbrook’s character.

“It provides us with an additional tool to protect our long history and heritage in terms of the character and design of the neighbourhood.” 

I also said the neighbourhood has seen an increase in infill development recently as builders have bought post war single-family homes and replaced them with multi-unit dwellings.

“The bylaw seeks to ensure some consistency. We’re not saying we don’t want multi-unit dwellings in Overbrook. We have a number of those and we’ll continue to see them… we know development is coming, but it should be more consistent with what exists in the neighbourhood.”​

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