Rawlson King enters Ward 13 by-election

Rawlson King entered the by-election race for Ward 13, Rideau-Rockcliffe on February 5.

A passionate community advocate, he has lived in the ward for the past 15 years.

In the last three years, Rawlson has served as President of the Overbrook Community Association and has sat as a Board member and Treasurer of the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre for over seven years.

A staunch advocate for better quality-of-life in the ward, Rawlson has been a voice in the community for poverty reduction, options for after school programming, recreational resources, and has been instrumental in advocating for a ward youth strategy.

As an Association President, Rawlson has proven experience as a result-based community leader. Over the last 3 years he has:

  • Led the organization when it raised $42,000 to hold a highly-acclaimed musical.

  • Helped obtain heritage designation of a former neighbourhood public school.

  • Assisted in piloting a post-incident response plan to serious crime, now used City-wide.

  • Supported the creation and opening of a new community park in the Ward.

  • Was a vocal leader in the fight to keep Rideau High School open.

Most recently, Rawlson was appointed Co-Chair of the Ottawa Police Service Community Equity Council, where he has begun work to build better relationships with police, Indigenous, faith-based and racialized communities and raise awareness of the benefits of community policing.

Rawlson is well known in the community and has built close relationships with residents and businesses. He takes their concerns seriously, and will endeavor to address the serious problems that confront this City, which require serious solutions.

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