Rideau River Pedestrian Bridge to Open in December

The Overbrook Community Association is pleased to hear that the new pedestrian bridge over the Rideau River, which links Donald Street and Somerset Street, along with the Overbrook and Sandy Hill neighbourhoods, will open to the public two seasons ahead of schedule.

The pedestrian bridge will officially open on December 4, 2015 at 1 pm.

Ottawa City Council approved  
“Adàwe crossing” as the official name for the new pedestrian bridge. Adàwe is the Algonquin word meaning "to trade". The Outaouaks were a trading nation of the Anishinàbe family. It is from Outaouak that "Ottawa" is derived. It is the English corruption of Adàwe.

The bridge name was selected with direct input from Overbrook and Sandy Hill residents, along with a non-Board representative from the Overbrook Community Association.  

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