Still opposed to auto shop expansion

In an article published in the Ottawa Sun, I noted that the Overbrook Community Association is still torn over the auto shop expansion proposal.  Read the article.

The Association supports the auto shop concept and considers Bel-Air to be a good corporate citizen. The company consulted with residents before submitting an application to the city. But, the community association stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the city's planning department in opposing the land use. Association president Rawlson King said it's about sticking up for the city's vision for McArthur Ave. and not allowing spot rezoning.

Every community wants a quaint main street, but even the association questions if McArthur Ave. can be turned into one. "There's that long-term vision and there's reality, and the reality is it's more of an arterial street," King said. "If council decides to do spot planning that goes against the approach that's outlined in the official plan, then what's the point of it being designated a traditional main street?" Still, the community association needs to support the vision described in the planning documents, King said. 

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