Here’s what I’ll be working on if you re-elect me as your City Councillor:

I'll focus on improving affordability for Ward residents

  • Encourage a public housing refresh and new mixed-income development
  • Support a transit fare freeze to encourage increased ridership
  • Push developers for a range of housing types to increase housing supply

I'll encourage good development & land use in the Ward

  • Pursue a complete rebuild of Beechwood Avenue to revitalize the main street
  • Push for zoning that encourages context sensitive intensification
  • Preserve our built heritage and historic places

I’ll improve road safety, transportation and transit options

  • Reduce speeds to 30 km/h in residential gateway zones throughout the Ward
  • Increase cycling infrastructure with a focus on better crosstown connections 
  • Improve bus transit frequency and interconnection to the light rail system

I’ll create more green space and better recreational amenities

  • Improve park amenities, especially for youth, families, and seniors
  • Plant more trees and de-pave areas to create more innovative outdoor spaces
  • Naturalize and beautify the City's right-of-way allowing community use

I’ll advocate for holistic community safety 

  • Encourage public safety reform to build public confidence in policing
  • Advocate for increased social supports for high-priority communities
  • Seek more mental health crisis supports in order to limit police interventions

Major Achievements

Here’s what I achieved as your City Councillor in the last 3 years:

  • Over $280 million invested in Ward infrastructure (road, water, sewage) 
  • Over $38 million in capital spending for affordable housing within the Ward
  • Nearly $9 million in spending for new parks and park renewal
  • Reduced speed limits across the Ward with residential gateway speed zones 
  • Created the City's new anti-racism office and first anti-racism strategy
  • Secured a City-wide poverty reduction strategy and food security policy
  • Introduced phase-out of gas-powered lawn equipment use by the City 
  • Restored Stanley Park after Combined Sewage Storage Tunnel completion
  • Completed beautification at corner of Lola and Queen Mary in Overbrook
  • Negotiating the City's first community benefits agreement in Manor Park
  • Assisting Rockcliffe Park obtain national historic district designation
  • Obtained $75,000 in emergency COVID-19 social service supports
  • Secured $40,000 in crime prevention funding for safety programming
  • Formalized creation and expansion of Rideau Winter Trail with $71,000 grant
  • Renamed Langevin Avenue after Algonquin leader for reconciliation 
  • Advocated for enhanced COVID-19 vaccination efforts throughout Ward