We need neighbourhoods that are safe, affordable, livable, and commutable.
Rawlson King will stand up and keep Ward 13 progressing forward.



Strong neighbourhoods require fair and transparent urban planning.

  • Promote development that compliments existing neighbourhoods.
  • Protect homes, green space & control development in heritage conservation districts.
  • Making sure that developers respect and follow community design plans
  • Implement inclusionary zoning that requires every major housing development to have at least 20% affordable or social housing
  • Provide incentives to small business in economically challenged areas.
  • Stricter regulations when it comes to dealing with Airbnbs.


Safe communities begin with strong investments in public safety.

  • Implement a city-wide handgun and assault weapons ban
  • Pursue a poverty reduction strategy that includes but is not limited to:
  • More investments in affordable housing

  • Following the recommendation of the Ottawa Food Policy Council and get the City of Ottawa to provide funding for a Food Education and Awareness Coordinator that would be tasked to create and implement a Food Education and Awareness Strategy

  • Increasing access to essential social services like child care spaces, financial supports, mental health services, etc.

  • Increase investments in after-school programs & health and social service agencies.
  • Improve lighting, security and community policing efforts in high-crime areas.
  • More investments to improve diversity & community interactions with police.
  • Mental health training for police and emergency service providers
  • The development of meaningful channels of communication between sex workers and police
  • An end to the imposition of “red-zones” and “street sweeps” on sex workers


Better transport options to improve our streets & sidewalks.

  • Freeze all transit fares, with an eventual plan to reduce fares.
  • Focus on improving bus service & interconnections with future light rail.
  • Improve Para Transpo by adding more accessible vehicles to its fleet and offer longer, more flexible availability.
  • Implement proven traffic calming measures, primarily on side streets & in school zones.
  • Develop a cycling strategy that includes more bike lanes, bike racks & bike-sharing.
  • Seek adequate investment for snow clearing & active transportation (walking, biking).
  • Put a greater focus on pedestrians during the snow clearing process and start prioritizing sidewalks, bike paths and areas and around schools.
  • Push the City to take a greater emphasis and focus on making Ottawa more accessible to seniors when it comes to developing improved methods for transportation.  


Policies for a greener, more liveable City

  • Implement a city-wide building retrofit program that extends to commercial and residential buildings as well as social housing.
  • Ban single-use plastics.
  • Stronger and more proactive enforcement of the City’s urban forest policies and by-laws to protect our already diminishing urban tree canopy.
  • Pass a motion at City Hall declaring climate change an emergency
  • Address climate change in the City’s Official Plan.
  • Prioritizing climate change and environmental concerns during the planning and development process
  • Introducing composting into all multi-unit housing and investing in the infrastructure to make sure that all businesses can compost, recognizing that their needs vary from residents. 


Tools to improve our democracy to allow for a more accountable City Hall

  • Implement a ranked-balloting electoral system for the City of Ottawa
  • Reduce the current campaign contribution limit
  • Require that all candidates during an election publicly release their donors over $100
  • Make sure that residents are adequately consulted on large infrastructure spending projects.
  • Implement a real participatory budget process.


  • Push for more affordable housing, social housing as the Wateridge Village development continues to get built
  • Ensure that there is full-day, reliable and affordable transit that goes through Wateridge Village
  • Renewal of Beechwood Avenue to make it safer and more accessible.
  • Improve the conditions of and beautify Stanley Park after the completion of the CSST
  • With the recent closure of Rideau High School, I will work to improve opportunities for youth to get involved and engaged in the ward including greater investment for afterschool programs
  • Establish a ward council that includes representatives from each community association that meets regularly

Vote Rawlson King on April 15!

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