We need neighbourhoods that are safe, affordable, livable, and commutable.
Rawlson King will stand up and keep Ward 13 progressing forward.

Vote for Smart Development

Strong neighbourhoods require smarter zoning & planning.

  • Promote development that compliments existing neighbourhoods.
  • Protect homes, green space & control development in heritage conservative districts.
  • Provide incentives to small business in economically challenged areas.
  • Address climate change in the City's Official Plan.

Vote for Public Safety & Security

Safe communities begin with strong investments in public safety.

  • Pursue a poverty reduction strategy, including affordable housing, for the Ward.
  • Increase investments in after-school programs & health and social service agencies.
  • Improve lighting, security and community policing efforts in high-crime areas.
  • More investments to improve diversity & community interactions with police.

Vote for Better Transportation

Better transport options to improve our streets & sidewalks.

  • Focus on improving bus service & interconnections with future light rail.
  • Implement proven traffic calming measures, primarily on side streets & in school zones.
  • Develop a cycling strategy that includes more bike lanes, bike racks & bike-sharing.
  • Seek adequate investment for snow clearing & active transportation (walking, biking).


Vote Rawlson King on April 15!

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